Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Impact of Moravian College's IMPACT

They’re the organization you see everywhere on campus. IMPACT is always hosting some event or another, but just what exactly is IMPACT?

For starters, IMPACT stands for Innovative Multi-cultural Programming of Activities for Campus Togetherness. It’s a mouthful, which is likely why they stick to their better-known acronym, IMPACT.
The club is run by five chair members (or officers) who help organize and sponsor the events. Their advisor is Holly Nonnemacher, the Director of Student Activities. 

IMPACT is the sort of organization you either love or hate, depending on your view of school spirit. That’s what they primarily focus on: encouraging school spirit and sponsoring activities that involve the whole campus. 

They are best known for the Campus Wide Movie Nights. Each Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday night they host a movie for the campus to see. They are typically popular or recently released movies like Transformers or Harry Potter (which I am personally looking forward to). They host a wide range of movies, from comedies to action thrillers. Sometime during the year, they will host a movie that you’re interested in. I can almost guarantee it.

IMPACT also hosts shopping trips to the Promenade or even to places farther away like New York City. Anyone who is a student or faculty knows this all too well, as emails are frequently sent out about these. 

A major part of IMPACT’s goal is to sponsor multi-cultural activities as well. They don’t just want to get the whole campus involved, they want to get the whole campus involved doing things they may have never done before. For example, they take weekly trips to the ArtsQuest Farmer’s Market along with booking trips to see comedians like Michael Dean Ester. They also host Bingo nights and had activities for Talk like a Pirate Day on Sept. 19. 

IMPACT is one of the busiest organizations on campus in terms of events. Every week they have something going on. The last major event they had was Spirit Week (aka Homecoming Week), which started Oct. 17. This is the part where you may dislike IMPACT, if you’re one of those grouches who resent school spirit of any kind. They hosted the Spirit Week events, which include the Pep Rally on Friday Oct. 21 and the Homecoming Parade on Saturday Oct. 22. 

If you’re interested in the club or their upcoming events, go over to their site at http://home.moravian.edu/students/org/impact/index.htm and check them out. The club accepts members at any point during the year.

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  1. I dig Impact. I'd be scared to see what Moravian was like without it. We need things like bingo, make it and take it, etc to give us an alternative to drinking and being bored!