Thursday, October 13, 2011

Moravian College German Club Officers

I’ve written a fair amount about German Club events, but I realized I haven’t even profiled the club. 

As the title implies, the German Club is dedicated to promoting German culture on campus. Since the emphasis is on German culture as opposed to the German language, it is not a requirement for interested students to actually speak German. 

Each Wednesday the club has its weekly Kaffeeklatsch meetings at 4:30 p.m, where free coffee and cookies are served while the President runs the meeting.

Speaking of the President, here is a list of the club officers:

President – Gina Ambrosino: Gina is a senior and a Psychology major with German and History minors. She’s taken several semesters of German, and she even managed to take a German course taught by a person with a thick Irish accent (read as: she went to Ireland for a semester and took German there, too. Rather impressive).

Vice President – That’s me: I’m a senior and an English Writing Major. I also took a bunch of German in high school and a few courses at Moravian. I was in the German Club in high school as well, but the one here is way more fun and engaging.

Treasurer – Matt Scott: He’s a junior and an Environmental Science major. Matt’s also taken a fair amount of German in high school (I’m sensing a trend here…) but mostly spends his days in labs and making sure the United Student Government gives us money for all the free food at our events.

Secretary – Corey Creen: He’s also a junior and he’s a Math, Physics and German major. I personally think he’s rather crazy for taking on three majors, especially when he’s a club officer. However, he manages to get down the notes for every meeting and send out reminders to our club members.

Now you might be giving me a strange look through the computer monitor, since you can very clearly see we have only one German major. That’s okay though: it proves that we’re not a bunch of snooty German language academics. Rather, we’re a group who generally loves the German culture and wants everyone to enjoy it with us (and enjoy the yummy food).

So what do you guys think? Does it sound like anything you expected?


  1. I grew up in a very PA dutch household, and I always see the e-mails but I also always assume that it's a party of only German-speaking individuals drinking coffee and eating fried dough. Thanks for proving my assumption wrong!

  2. I took a German film class and loved it! Even though I didn't pick up much of the language, I loved to learn about the culture! And any meeting that involves free coffee sounds like a good club to me haha.

  3. Sounds like a lot of fun! Hopefully, I can check it out sometime. How did you first get interested in German?

  4. Do you guys have a special interest house again this year?