Tuesday, October 4, 2011

International Week Kicks Off

International Education Week, better known as just International Week, kicks off Oct 2 with a week of global-related activities.

If you’re a student interested in global topics, this is a great opportunity. This is also a chance for those interested in study abroad to get pertinent information and ask any questions at the study abroad seminar. I went abroad last semester to England and I attended a similar seminar in the previous fall; trust me, it helped quite a bit. Even though I went to a country where they (mainly) spoke the same language, it was still a new country and I could have easily gotten in over my head. These seminars are a great start to preparing yourself if you're going abroad.

The International Club and the Study Abroad office host this week-long event each year. The programs they host vary; many are unique to each year while a few are brought back each time.
So far they've had:
  • An International Dinner with the Barynya Russian Dance Ensemble
  • A talk on How to Travel Anywhere in the World on your Own
Coming up for the rest of the week:

Oct 4: Faculty Round Table: Blame Game and Xenophobia Under the Table at Global Crisis at 11:45 a.m in the UBC Room
Study Abroad Information Session at 4 p.m in the UBC Room
Film: To Feed A Girl (UNICEF) at 6:45 pm in Prosser Auditorium
In Honor of US Vets: Personal Experiences from Afghanistan and Iraq at 7 p.m in the UBC Room

Oct 5: Teach UNICEF at 11:15 a.m
Celebration of Cultures: Food and Music from Around the World at 7:30 p.m in the Pavilion

Oct 6: Study Abroad Information Session at 12 p.m
View of India Past and Present at 7 p.m

The list is all the confirmed programs and activities. There may be more contributed by the other clubs on campus. There is also a chance the times and locations of any of these events may be changed at the last minute. I will keep the blog updated if I hear of any changes. 

So, what do you guys think? Any of them sound like something you would go to?

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