Thursday, November 3, 2011

Q&A: Meet a Moravian International Club Member

IMPACT might host a lot of activities and tout themselves to be multicultural, but if you really want to talk about a club that's diverse in the cultures department, it's International Club. Made up of students from Moravian and students from abroad, these guys focus on doing multicultural activities and celebrating cultures from outside the U.S. I got more involved with the club this year when I moved into the International Suite, and I'm glad I did. 

So I thought it was time I wrote about it, and I sat down and did a Q&A session with Rachel DeLucia, a sophomore and a member of the International Club. She lives in the International Suite and is the head of the suite (meaning she’s in charge of the suite, acting as a sort of RA and mediator). She’s been in International Club since her freshmen year, so she knows a thing or two about the club. Here’s what I found out from her:

Q: What is International Club?
A: International Club is a club on campus [whose] interest is based on students who...want to go abroad or who are studying abroad at Moravian. This year we have three French students, a German, two Chinese students, two Czech, one from Ghana and one from India. Some are here for a semester, some are here for a full year, and some are here for all four years.

Q: Who are the club officers and advisor(s)?
A: Our club officers are Will Brennan, Vineeth Maradana, Alana Persad, and Alex Irwin. Our advisors are Naomi Gal and Kerry Sethi. Will is the President, Vinnie is the VP, Alana is the Treasurer and Alex is the Secretary.

Q: What sort of events does the club host?
A: We host mixers for the college students to come interact with the international students as well as the club. They have great food [and] cultural experiences. Like tomorrow, a professor is coming to talk about Dia de la Muerte at the mixer. We had that international dinner [and] that welcome back mixer. We are celebrating Holi (an Indian festival of lights). We have invites to other events (like Holi) and co-host some. Lehigh sometimes hosts stuff and we’re invited. [There are also] cultural celebrations within the area we also try to get involved in. 

We do trips, too. We’ll do a sporting event, a Broadway play, and a little sight-seeing (like D.C, New York). 

Q: What do you have planned for this semester?
A: We have a mixer tomorrow (Tuesday, Oct. 25). We’re trying to get to some kind of sporting event. We usually go to NBA games but with the season [on strike] we’re going to have to cancel that. We might do soccer, football or something else. We’re definitely doing a Broadway play this fall as well as hosting one or two more mixers. And the Holi thing I mentioned before.

Q: What do you find the most appealing about the club?
A: I guess being able to be more culturally diverse. I like learning about other peoples’ cultures and experiencing why it’s so special to them. For me, it gives me insight for study abroad, because I’m working with a lot of people who’ve already gone abroad. 

Q: Is there anything else I missed?
A: We meet once a week, and they’re usually about a half hour to 45 minutes, just to keep in touch for upcoming events and planning other events and get interest in possible trips. We meet in PPHAC in the back room by the old lady portrait. Come check it out. It’s great to be in. 

We’re trying to make more cohesion with the other clubs like the Diversity Club. Spanish club is coming to the mixer tomorrow. IMPACT, USG, all have been really [helpful] with stuff, too. Like the trip to NYC, we want to co-sponsor it with IMPACT or someone like them to help get more money for the buses and more press. Stuff like that.

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  1. Since I was a freshman, the international club has always been a cool presence on campus. It really is so important to bring diversity and cultural diversity to campus! Good job International Club.