Monday, September 26, 2011

The Mighty but Not-so-Up-to-Date List of Clubs

If you're still interested in joining more clubs this semester, you might want to start haunting the USG's clubs and organizations list. So far, about 50 clubs registered at Moravian College this semester. Katie Danstin of the Leadership Center believes there are at least 80 clubs on campus, though she is still waiting to hear back from all of them. Because of this, I can't provide a complete list of this semester's clubs just yet. Follow this blog for a later update on the new clubs for this semester.

Club registration is a hectic time for both the United Student Government (USG) and for the clubs. After helping with the German Club's registration, I know partly how the process works. I can only imagine how difficult it is on USG's end. 

Last semester (May 2011), Moravian College had 93 registered clubs and organizations. For a full list, see 93 clubs included:
  • Academic Associations: These are the kinds of clubs to look into if you enjoy learning something new, whether it's a language, accounting, art, history, philosophy, etc. They host lectures and trips, and even parties on occasion. Basically I like to think of these as the "major clubs:" if you've got a major, there's more than likely a club for it, and you'll find it under Academic Associations.
  • Campus Communications and Media: Aspiring journalists, writers, and radio personalities, ahoy! The organizations here deal with the newspaper, yearbook, radio, and magazines.
  • Campus Life Organizations: These organizations are involved with the campus, whether it's USG representing the student body or IMPACT that keeps the students entertained and active on campus. They all help to better and provide services to the campus.
  • Club Sports: They are the non-varsity clubs, such as the cheerleaders and the equestrian team.
  • Community Service Organizations: As the name implies, they are volunteer community service groups that help the community, the campus, or even the environment.
  • Health Awareness: It's another group whose category says it all: they deal with health awareness on campus, promoting good eating habits and sponsoring health-centered programs and talks.
  • Honor Organizations: These are a bit different from the other organizations. You need to be nominated into these societies by participating in a certain major and meeting set requirements. They recognize achievement in their designated fields, such as political science and biology.
  • Performing Arts: This group is focused on music and drama. Aspiring actors and musicians should look into the organizations under this header to see if there are any clubs they might be interested in.
  • Religious Life: These clubs are focused on religion and spirituality with groups like the Christian Associations to the Muslim Students Association.

  • Special Interest: This covers a wide range of clubs. All the organizations under this title don't belong to the ones above, so they are considered special interest. Such clubs include the Harry Potter Society, the Environmental Coalition, and political clubs.
What should be noted is that this list does not include Greek Life and the varsity sports. Those are separate from the USG-run clubs. USG’s listed organizations are what I plan to blog about. The Greek sororities and fraternities are in-depth and massive enough to warrant a totally separate blog, and the same goes for the varsity sports. Sorry if that's what you were looking for, but I think those organizations get enough coverage on campus. I'm speaking up for the smaller guys here.

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