Thursday, September 29, 2011

Come to Oktoberfest!

It's that time of year again. I don't mean mid-terms, either. 

The German Club will host its annual Oktoberfest celebration on Friday, Sept. 30 at HILL suite 5F (a.k.a the International Suite). While alcohol can’t be served due to college policies, German food such as sausages and potato salad (it's technically Pennsylvania Dutch but we figured it was German enough) will be. There will also be the usual array of chips, pretzels, and soda. And streamers. No, they're not edible but it will make the suite look awesome and very German-like.
Normally the event is hosted at the German House, the club’s special interest house. If you've gone to Oktoberfest in years before, you probably remember this. However, due to size restrictions, this year it will be held at  from 4:30 p.m to 6:30 p.m, though feel free to stay longer.
You might be wondering why the celebration is at the end of September, considering it’s called Oktoberfest. The famous Oktoberfest in Munich is a 16-18 day long celebration that begins sometime in mid-September. This year’s Oktoberfest started Sep. 17 and will last until Oct. 3, which is the national unification holiday. The unification holiday, if you're not familiar with German history, is the day when the country was officially united after the Berlin Wall came down. If Oktoberfest comes up right against the holiday, they extend it an extra day so they can party harder for a day longer. So technically, our event is right in the middle of the real celebration.
The German Club’s Oktoberfest won’t be quite as big or as long as the Munich festival, since the United Student Government would likely throw a fit if it was. It'd be great if we could budget a trip to Munich and really party it up there, but again, USG would take serious issue with that, and then there's those pesky issues of accountability and safety. To compromise, we hold our own. It's smaller but it proves to be fun every year. I've seen everywhere from 15-45 people show up at Oktoberfest celebrations in the past. The free food is a big draw (it's dinner without using a swipe) but also the party atmosphere brings people in. Especially after the end of a long, rough week and with mid-terms approaching, it's a good opportunity to kick back, relax, and listen to a mix of polka music and Rammstein (a very popular German band).

You don’t need to be a German Club member to come to Oktoberfest. The event is open to the entire campus and everyone is encouraged to attend. 5F is a handicap-accessible suite, so anyone with disabilities can come as well. If you enjoy parties and free food, then stop by on Sep. 30 and check it out.

  • Friday, Sept. 30
  • 4:30-6:30
  • HILL Suite 5F (International Suite)
  • It's free!

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