Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Club Scene

Welcome to “The Club Scene,” my blog about the clubs/organizations at Moravian College. Although my blog is a requirement for my Online Journalism class, I chose this topic for three main reasons:
  • Clubs help develop and nurture the interests and passions of the students.
  • They help students meet new friends and develop new interests.
  • The clubs need to spread word about them.

Let me elaborate.

Consider this: Moravian College is a small school. There are less than 2,000 students on campus. That’s smaller than some of the high schools in the area.

With such a small population, it’s hard to imagine any kind of diversity on campus. At a quick glance, most of the students you see here are white and are from Pennsylvania or New Jersey. That doesn’t exactly scream ‘variety.’

No, if you want to find the heart of Moravian’s diversity, you have to take a look at the clubs. There are several dozen of them just funded by the United Student Government (USG) alone; that does not cover all the sports clubs or the Greek Societies. I’ve been going here for nearly four years, and I’m still learning about clubs I never knew existed.

This myriad of organizations is the true reflection of diversity at Moravian. They cover a range of interests, from sports to languages to literature and beyond. They’re the best way for like-minded students to ban together and do (or talk about) what they love.

Secondly, there are over seven dozen listed organizations on campus. It means that, more than likely, there is something for everyone to do.

It also presents an opportunity to learn about new things and meet new people. I consider myself pretty curious. If something sounds even remotely interesting, I’ll want to look into it. Besides, why blog about one particular thing when you can write about a whole bunch of them?

The third reason I want to blog about the clubs is slightly more personal. I’m an officer of the German Club, and I know the struggles of getting word out about club meetings and events. I’m sure other clubs have the same problem. So I’m hoping if this blog can at least help spread the word, then I’ll consider it a great accomplishment.


  1. This is going to be an incredibly useful blog for students at Moravian. You make it clear why clubs are so important to campus life, and this blog will provide a way for students to learn more about what is available, what the clubs do etc. I'll keep reading!

  2. As a senior, I wish Moravian would have provided a blog like this long ago! It's impossible to keep up with all of the clubs, and let's face it - the e-mails practically beg for people to write off what's going on on campus because they're so annoying!